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    About Swimming Pool Construction

    Are you considering installing an inground swimming pool? The reasons, like: increased home value, a better way to exercise, or to simply create a dream backyard – are numerous. Having a good understanding of the process of buying a new pool starts with reliable information.

    Before getting too deep into the details, there are 2 key factors you need to be considering.

      1. How long it really takes to build a inground pool.
      2. How much it really costs to build a inground pool.

    If you ask an honest pool builder, he will tell you it will take roughly 6 to 8 weeks to complete a custom inground pool, and it be ready to swim.

    We suggest you plan for at least 10 weeks for the average residential swimming pool project.

    The same pool builder from above does need to make a profit to stay in business, and if honest will tell you to budget $5,000 to $10,000 more than the highest quote.

    From our experience, you need to be reasonable and know that not all the the problems during construction are the fault of the contractor, and you need a landscaping budget for when it’s all done.

    Be prepared to repair / replace:

        • Sprinklers
        • Fences
        • Access routes
        • New grass

    The average homeowner having more acreage than in other states allows these pros to flex their creative muscle with awe inspiring designs from mild to wild.

    Cost to build a inground swimming pool

    New pool construction costs

    Although results may vary depending on the type of pool you want (and who you call) swimming pools range in prices.

    Gunite Inground: Starting from $29,000 for an average size new custom designed gunite swimming pool.

    Fiberglass inground: Starting from $19,000 for a pre-designed fiberglass pool shell installed.

    Vinyl liner inground: Starting from $15,000 for a pre-designed vinyl liner inground pool installed.

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