How a specialized directory helps consumers and professionals

How a specialized company listings directory service helps business owners reach out to consumers searching for their services.


A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, features, services, products, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software. Online yellow pages are a type of business directory, as is the traditional phone book. The details provided in a business directory may vary. They may include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, contact information, type of service or products the business provides, the number of employees, the served region, customer reviews, and any professional associations. – wikipedia (

How online Directories help consumers

An online business directory has the ability to obtain vast amounts of information and data related to the respective categories or business types. A helpful resource for consumers is the ability for an online directory to provide data points and frequently asked questions related to businesses, services, or products.

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Another benefit for online business directories is the ability to allow the quality members to answer consumer questions. Other helpful features from an online business directory might include cost calculations, popular trends, design ideas, and any other generally helpful information as it pertains to the categories within the website.

Specialty & Niche Business Directories

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Whether it be online or offline specialty business directories typically focus on a niche specific category or business type, such as a swimming pool business directory. The advantages for both consumers and business owners of a niche specific business directory is the high intent and focus on the respective business types. Niche specific company directories allow for the consumer to search for special types of businesses or services more easily.

Online Business Directories

Helpful for both consumers and businesses, online listing directories often appear in internet search results. When a business lists their company information in an online directory they are creating an opportunity to appear for a person searching online for their services. For businesses who struggle to appear in search results naturally it is usually advised for them to list their company on an online directory website. By appearing in many more places than just a company website the business owner increases their overall chances of appearing in front of a potential customer.

Many of the online business directory websites have a development and support team and also run their own marketing or AD campaigns to attract the customers that are looking for a business. When a business owner signs on and list their business to a directory website they’re also taking part in and may borrow off of those marketing efforts provided by the directory website.

Reasonable Fees for Online Business Directories

Online business directories that charge a fee for members to be listed and also perform a screaming quality check are often the most  trusted  sources that offer the best  features for both  business owners and consumers.

Most online business directory websites are wide and scope in generic and categories which can cause for a lot of distraction both for the consumer and business owner. For online directories that feature all categories for any business the fees and charges to use such a website should be very low. As a business owner you may not expect a large amount qualified leads from these generic type of business directory websites.

Some growing numbers of Niche specific and Specialty online business directories offer better services at better prices while producing better quality customer inquiry is due to the high focus on a single type of business. For consumers, searching online a specialty business directory can offer a higher level of quality the businesses that are listed within the website. For business owners, a specialty directory can offer much better back-end services since the high focus on a single type of business means the directory team understands the industry.

How online Directories help business owners

  • Creates additional places your business can appear online
  • Includes the business into marketing efforts as provided by the directory

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The online directory appears in search engines which leads to the business listing profile, and in some cases the business listing profile on the directory website can appear in online searches by itself. Many times the team behind a online directory are website experts and may also be able to help the business members with their own website four marketing challenges.

Specialty and niche specific business directories sometimes have the added benefit of knowing the industry so well they can potentially provide additional back-end consulting services such as sales training, review generation,  conversion rate optimization, quote and estimate delivery presentation, and other ways to help improve a business internal operations.

Conclusion about business Directories

When business owners and website creators work together it can be very beneficial for the end consumer. As many business owners are very good at what they do not very often are they experts in marketing and placing their business in front of potential customers.

When a business directory specializes in a specific type or category it has the added benefit appearing in online searches that are relevant to that saying business category.

When a person searching for a business lands on a very well designed and respectable business directory website the chances are high that if your business appears in that same website you will get attention and possibly generate leads.

The people that search online for these categories are in one of the two first buying stages of the customer journey. Therefore it would make sense that if your business appeared in a specialty online directory that also appeared in Google would inherently increase your chances of obtaining those new customers.

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The Your Pool Help backyard professionals online directory is built for both the consumer and the business owners who have specialized skills or trades to provide a quality platform for them all to connect, hire, share and take part in business.