Backyard Contractors make sure you get paid for a job

Backyard Contractors: Make Sure YOU Get Paid for the work

Hopefully you are not dealing with a situation of non-payment from a homeowner who hired you to perform work for them, but if you are experiencing this problem we are going to talk about how you can make sure to get paid and not get burned. We all know that both shady customers are out there just as well as shady business owners.

tips forconstruction contractors getting paid for the job

For many swimming pool business owners and other backyard contractors or service providers, getting the run around for client payments is as much a part of the daily job as doing the job! Learn how you can get the right type of clients from the start. Much of the problems associated with non collection of payment is due to the misunderstanding of expectations.

Setting expectations for customers is part of the sales process, and weighs heavily on whether you will have a fight for final payment. Let’s talk about how we can keep their levels of expectation in reality and still get the job – AND GET PAID!

Backyard professionals can learn how to:

  • Pre qualify your online leads
  • Lead intake and screening
  • Have contractual terms & legal information on your website
  • Best practices for contracts
  • Collect final payment at the right time
  • Finish projects strong and generate referrals

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